Reinsurance Intermediary

"Every account is treated as a premiere
account no matter the size."

Our Reinsurance includes the following at no cost to our client

Actuarial Services
Frates has actuarial expertise on all lines of business and can provide support to companies for their own internal purposes or for reporting purposes to reinsurers.

Contract Analysis
Frates has thorough experience and knowledge of reinsurance contracts and MGA agreements which can enhance wording for their client's benefit.

Claims consultation, assistance, monitoring and collection
Frates prides itself on having dedicated staff able to assist client's claim departments in claims monitoring. We excel at collecting of reinsurance claims.

Frates can assist in the creation and management of captives, as well as provide reinsurance and financial solutions.

Loss Portfolio Transfers
Frates has experience with loss portfolio transfers and knows the markets that are the best fit for each specific deal. Frates can help minimize due diligence expense to encourage completion of transfers more quickly.

CAT Modeling
Frates can analyze and quantify catastrophe exposure for property and workers compensation with our CAT Modeling partners.

Reinsurance Trust
Frates is knowledgeable in the creation and administration of reinsurance trusts, often the most efficient instrument available for collateral obligations such as insurance linked securities and CAT Bonds that require a financial guaranty.

We want your firm to look superior.
Insurance companies are continually under scrutiny from rating agencies and regulators. A strong reinsurance structure can alleviate those pressures and enhance the financial strength of the company. Reinsurance can free up capital, improve shareholder returns, assist expense ratios and facilitate an exit out of unprofitable lines of business or the entrance into new ones.

  • Frates is a global reinsurance intermediary, working with domestic and international reinsurers
  • Excess of Loss and Quota Share specialists
  • Treaty and Facultative
  • Expertise in all lines of business: Professional liability, P&C, Workers Compensation, Auto, Surety, and Health.
  • Wide range of knowledge and experience in all industries and classes of insureds.

Our Philosophy
We provide quality service to the Ceding Company and its re-insurers.  Both parties have a right to expect payment on a timely basis.  We do not hold funds remitting them as quickly as possible.

  • We do not make any effort to earn interest income.  
  • We expect reinsurers, paid on time by us, to pay claims in the same timely manner.
  • Our clients, like ourselves, value long term relationships.
  • We believe we may have been the first broker to pay re-insurers electronically direct into their bank account.
  • Since re-insurers know we do not hold your funds, we are often able to get a better reinsurance rate, and the client is seen as a superior account.  

Our Duties and Obligations as the Reinsurance Intermediary

  • Faithfully pay the parties to the Reinsurance Agreement the proper amounts
    Faithfully transfer funds to the parties as quickly as possible and make no attempt to hold funds to earn interest income from the parties.
  • Faithfully transfer all communication between the parties.
  • Facilitate communication between the parties.
  • Arrange face-to-face meetings when asked to do so.


Reference Guide to Reinsurance

Authored by Albert P. Amato

In 2012, "Reference Guide to Reinsurance" was published, available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble as well as other outlets.

In over 200 pages, it covers hundreds of reinsurance and insurance topics.

To request a copy, please email